Turtle Glass

In coastal communities, sea turtles crawl onto the beach at night and lay their nests. These spectacular creatures are naturally drawn towards the light of the horizon from the reflection off the water.  As beachfront communities have developed, the artificial lighting confuses the sea turtles, ultimately disorienting them. Because this attraction to light is instinctive, emerging hatchlings also become quickly disoriented.
Florida building codes require new construction with direct “line of sight” to the beach to install windows with a visible light transmission (VLT) of 45% or less.  Florida has also implemented several ordinances in order to help further protect sea turtles. The Florida Model Lighting Ordinance for Marine Turtle Protection, was created with the intent to establish guidelines to help protect wayward sea turtles in coastal areas from the affects of artificial lighting and to help improve the overall nesting habitats. Specifics to the definition of tinted glass includes: “…any glass treated to achieve an industry-approved, inside-to-outside light transmittance value of 45% or less and limited to the visible spectrum.”  

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Many people who own existing homes are concerned for the turtles as well. However, they don’t have to go through the expensive process of replacing their windows with tinted glass units. SOLAR/TEK Window Tinting offers window films that easily comply with the light transmission requirements of the codes, and can be installed right away without disrupting your home and typically are much more cost effective. These films also reduce heat input into the home, control glare, and virtually eliminate dangerous ultraviolet rays. By reducing heat load, you’ll save on utility costs.

If you live or work beachfront and want to help protect these marine animals contact SOLAR/TEK Window Tinting today to preview the line of window film options available.

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