• Lower Energy Costs

By improving HVAC efficiency, VISTA™ commercial window film costs are affordable and can deliver annualized energy savings as high as 15% with an average payback within three years.  VISTA™ high performance window glazing solutions reduce solar heat gain up to 75% ─ reducing unwanted heat gain and eliminating hot and cold spots throughout your building.


VISTA™ commercial window film is one of the most effective and economical methods of controlling energy costs and increasing comfort for new construction and retrofit projects alike.  A smart alternative to window replacement, VISTA™ commercial window film offers premium, high-performance glazing solutions for all types of glazing systems: clear, tinted, low-e or coated glass, from curtain wall to interior glass.
"Energy costs represent 30% of a typical building's annual budget and is the single largest operating cost."
- BOMA-Kingsley Quarterly/US EPA Energy Star
  High Performance Window Glazing: Product Overview

  • Increase Energy Efficiency and Save Money

VISTA™ energy efficient window film help reduce solar heat gain up to 75%, which can help save money and energy when it comes to your building's operation. According to U.S. Department of Energy statistics, approximately one third of a building's cooling costs can be attributed to solar heat gain through windows.  By reducing air-conditioner run time or lowering load conditions, VISTA™ energy efficient window films can save money and energy.  VISTA™ Window Film can reduce solar heat gain up to 75% .  Energy efficient window films can help reduce energy costs for the average building 5-15%, and VISTA™ window film delivers average payback within three years.  

  • Comfort & Productivity

VISTA™ window film provides a cost-effective option, which is comparable to tinted glass for buildings, to increase employee and tenant comfort. Employee comfort is important for productivity. A recent study reports that 80% of workers have trouble concentrating if the office temperature is higher than normal and nearly two-thirds say typical tasks may take up to 25% longer in warmer conditions.  In addition to reducing heat in your building, VISTA™ window film reduces glare while allowing natural light into a space. By reducing the need for artificial light, window film often allows for blinds/shades to be left open permitting more natural daylight into spaces and maintaining the much-desired connection with the outdoors for occupants.

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  • ​​​​Avoid Costly Replacement Windows

At one-fifth to one-tenth the cost of replacement windows, depending on the application, VISTA™ window film offers an attractive alternative for improving energy efficiency.  This high performance window glazing delivers up to 7 times the energy efficiency per $1 invested vs. new windows, all with a quick, non-disruptive installation.

  • Window Film Cost Minus Energy Savings=Fast Payback

With payback top of mind when recommending energy savings upgrades, facility managers and architects should feel confident suggesting VISTA™ window film. The window films can help reduce a building's energy costs by 5-15% and cut solar heat gain up to 75%. Thus, the annual energy cost savings that VISTA™ window film provides allows a building to quickly recoup its window film costs, typically in three years or less.
In terms of window replacement cost, window film cost is considerably lower. With an average of 6.6 times greater cost savings per dollar invested and much quicker payback than total window replacement with new low-E windows, VISTA™ window film is a smart energy saving solution.
While building owners benefit from the energy cost savings that VISTA™ window film provides, tenants and employees enjoy increased comfort and protection from harmful UV rays. In addition, tenants or employees appreciate minimal inconvenience during the window film installation, which can be completed in a fraction of the time of window replacement. See how the costs of window film for your building compare to potential energy savings by using the Energy Savings Calculator.

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  • Keep Your Office Cooler

By reducing heat from solar energy up to 75%, VISTA™ window film can help even out hot and cold spots throughout your building. The result is more satisfied building tenants and greater employee comfort.  As building managers are becoming more aware of the ability to attract premium tenants with green upgrades, they are looking for upgrades that are both appealing to prospective tenants and those that provide energy cost savings.  Of those types of improvements are high-efficiency HVAC equipment and tinted glass for buildings. The latest window film technology is a fraction of the cost of tinted glass for buildings and can help reduce the HVAC load by filtering out much of the solar heat that can enter through windows in summer and retaining much of the warmth that is lost out windows in winter.

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  • ​​Block Harmful UV Rays

VISTA™ commercial UV window film filters out up to 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays, helping to protect interior furnishings, merchandise, and occupants from sun damage.  This protection saves money and can help protect investments.

  • Help Protect Tenants and Furnishings from Sun Damage

UV window film provide a barrier between a building's occupants/interior furnishings and harmful ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet A rays (UVA) in particular are responsible for causing extensive damage – including initiating skin cancer development and causing fading of furniture and flooring. While ordinary glass offers little to no protection from the sun, UV window films do, and at a fraction of the cost of other UV-blocking alternatives.
The VISTA™ brand of UV window film provides the highest level of UVA and UVB rejection by blocking up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays. VISTA™ UV window film's protective shield helps defend against the dangers of UV induced skin diseases and photosensitivity. The sun's ultraviolet rays are also the leading cause of fading in interiors such as furniture, floorings, wall coverings, artwork and photographs. Retail stores are especially prone to damage from UVA rays as merchandise in windows is more susceptible to damage and fading.

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